Third Sunday of Subara
Mass Readings
Judges 13:2 -24    Ephesians 3:1-21   Luke 1:57-80
  • Amera Toma, funeral prayers Monday at 11 am at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Southfield.
  • Yalda Tobia Sito, funeral prayers Monday 10 am at Holy Martyrs Church.
  • Basima Kashat, funeral prayers Monday 12 noon at Holy Cross Chaldean Church.


Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year
  • Warda Elias Pola (7th), Nadhim Younis Bodagh(7th/Alkosh), Daniel Sliwa (7th),
  • Amera Majid Saoor(7th),
  • Samer Jamel(7th/Iraq), Remon Elias Pota (40th), Elias Mikhael Sako(40th),
  • Jamil Yousif Denha(40th), Seham Pota (40th), Basa Shaballa Odish (40th), Farook Sabbo (year).


  • Our weekly envelopes for 2021 are available for pick up in the parish council office. Weekly envelope donations allow you to keep track of your donations throughout the year and are tax If you would like to register to be apart of the weekly envelopes to support your church please call or visit our Church office.


  • Our Church is having a Christmas retreat. 22 of December in Chaldean and Arabic With Abouna Fawaz and Sister Angela (6pm confessions and 7pm Holy Hour, mediations and Christmas hymns), 23 of December in English with Abouna Perrin and Abouna Kevin (6pm confessions 7pm Holy Hour, meditations and Christmas hymns)


  •   For our Christmas Mass schedule please visit our website, app and our social media. There’s also a very important letter from our bishop on our social media and website regarding certain changes of this year. Our website is or download our app from the app store