May 12, 2024*  
Sunday After Ascension 


Mass Intentions For The Occasions of 7th, 40th & Year

        • Anisa Zora Yousif (Australia)(7th) Hermiz Daniel Zara (7th) Nuhad Allos (AZ)(7th)
        • Mechaieel Shamoon Dado (40th)
        • Amira Hermiz Shabilla (1 yr) Issam Shamoon Namo (1 yr)

Occasions this Sunday: 

We pray for Sam & Yvonne Manni for their 22nd wedding anniversary 

We pray for Louie & Sanar Jemmoa for their 25th wedding anniversary 


        • All young adults ages 18 and over are invited to our annual bowling fundraiser for our youth groups. The Fundraiser will take place on Friday May 17th at Classis Lanes. For more information or to register for a lane, please see table in the lobby. 

        • All Arabic & Chaldean speakers who would like to join the sodality of St. Rita please contact our church office. 

        • This wednesday we have our last scripture social for the semester, all young adults ages 18 & older please join us for mass at 7pm and bible study to be followed at 7:30 in the basement

        • Saturday May 18 there will be no 4 pm mass 333 children will be receiving their first holy communion, please keep them in your prayers and to all volunteers/ teachers that helped them throughout the year!

        • Next sunday is the feast of the Pentecost, sunday masses remain the same

        • Please mark your calendars for the St. George Festival on Sunday, July 28, from 1-7 pm. For sponsorship opportunities for  the festival; you may see one of our committee members in the lobby or call the church office. 

        • Monday May 20, at 7 pm all mothers join sister Imaculata & Sister Bernadette for a talk in the church basement about mother Mary & motherhood

        • We would like to ask you please not to clap during all masses. 

        • Sunday Collection baskets are available by all exit doors; you may also participate on our website at

        • Please keep the church clean at all times & we now ask you to silence your phone and let us prepare ourselves for the lord.

Weekly Masses

Rosa Oraha Jirjees Josephine Kookton & Family, Mari Kookton, Nadia Kassab, Anwar Haba & Family, All sisters, Grandchildren, Anwars mother & Father., Special Intention, Yelda Dallo & wife Naima & kids, and Daughter in Law Souad, Yousif Petros & wife Fadhila, and kids & all family, Petros Gaggo & wife & sister Fadhila and kids and parents, Amira Brahim, Amira Abrou, Mariam Zaraga, Janan Kafid, Holy Souls, Sabri Saffo & Kids, Tiriz Saddo Ramo, Samira Dano Kachoucha, Akram Patros Shaouni & Parents, Amira Mamou, Sabah Halabo, Salim & Tawitha Kirma, The Sheena Family, Jessica Hanna, Sanaa Dallo, The Mamou family, Special Intention. Khalil Gappy, Fawzy Salman & wife Samira, Hayatt Kado, Special Intention, Madleen Hanna Mezo, Evelyn Elyas Doha, Regina Jajjou, Hayatt Fettouhi, Najeeba Marbeena, Rosa Dawood Doha, Sabah Dallo & Parents & In laws, Hanna Mattia, Hanna & Shushana, Victoria Zaya Bacall, Amira Jajjo Gatek, Sabri & Najiba Hubba, Sabri & Mary & daughter, Nidhal Habba. Special intentions> Jido Jarhes Jido Yalda. Alina Ayar. Anton Ghaneim. Sick intention and thankfulness. Hania Kalasho, Gurjia Herfy, Latifa and Kheria Kalasho.Warda Kalasho, Victoria Miskena, Virgeen AlBakal, Virgeen GIzi Kalasho, Manal Kalasho Goins, Nidhal Kalabat Skolachi