Second Sunday of Subara
Mass Readings
Numbers 22:20-23:2     Colossians  4: 2-18    Luke 1:26-56
  • Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year
  • Naiel Yousif Markos Polis(7th/France), Hanna Barho(7th/Canada), Brenda Najar Habbo (7th),Sabeha Jihad Tomas Bahora, (7th),Wadia Kas Shamoun (7th),Basima Hormiz Jallo(7th Dubai), Sabah Sadiq Kirma (7th/Iraq), Salim Hawa(40th), Sahar Sabah Almalih (40th),Suzan Gorial Sana (40th),Vergen Yousif Abona (40th),Zia Shamoon(40th),Ghanim Shaba (40th),Linda Younis Zelfa(40th),Sami Dawood Rabanitha(40th), Wilson Aziz Yousif (year).
  • We pray for Nabel Yeldo and his wife Faez for their 51  year’s marriage anniversary.


  • This coming Tuesday is the feast of the Immaculate conception we will have mass at 10 am in Chaldean and English.


  • Join us Wednesday evening for adoration and confessions at 6pm and English Mass at 7pm


  • Our weekly envelopes for 2021 will be available in Church. Weekly envelope donations allow you to keep track of your donations throughout the year and are tax If you would like to register to be apart of the weekly envelopes to support your church please call or visit our Church office.