•  Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

    • (40 th) Wadie Sokana 


    • We pray for Julius & Bavaria Dallo for their 5 years wedding anniversary



    • This Wednesday is the Feast of Mary Queen of the Universe. Mass will be 10 am in Chaldean, English mass at 5:30pm and Arabic mass at 7pm

    • ِAbouna Fawaz is inviting all married couples This Friday June 2 for Sacred Union group  meeting (spiritual direction for married couples) at 6pm for confessions and adoration at 6pm followed by mass at 7pm. Please come with your spouse and no kids. 

    • Please mark your calendars for St. George Festival on Sunday July 23rd from 1-7pm to sponsor the festival; you may see one of our committee members in the lobby or call the church office. 

    •  Sunday Collection baskets are available by all exit doors. You may also participate in the Sunday collection electronically on our website at Stgeorgechaldean.com

    • Please keep the church clean at all times & we now ask you to silence your phone and let us prepare ourselves for the lord.

    Weekly Masses

    Jalal Abuna, Shamasha Essa Ilyas, Georgette Shina, Marco Yousif, shamas Yaqoo Alhizy, Joffy yaqoo, Khalid Ayoub, Maryiam Masree Ayoub polus, korkes kashat & his family, ken kova, Tobea saeed kajee, Najee Tobea, Mazin Dalo, Muhanad Josef, shamas Basil Elyia & his daughters Lidia, Itefan & his dyAnn kasha, all deceased, Yousif Hirmis Balious, Istee Oraha Kato, Toney Balious, Abbo Jarbou, Riman Jarbou, For sick person, Badry Qenaya, Karim Qenaya & NawL Keryakousa, Yousif Aziz Marogy Hirmiz, Maria Yousif, Jennifer Hirmiz, Marogy Hanna Abro, his wife Maryam & his kids, special intentions, Putrus Jaju, George Jaju, Maryam Zaya, luma Said kajiji, Jamila Jaju Konja, Fathila Yousif Mouses, Bernadet & her parents, her brothers Naim & Zuhair & Jamal Raban, Dawood Salim & his wife Helana, Farid Istephan his wife Victoria, Habi Polus, Alyas Dawood, Rumeel Sadiq, Juleet Bebo, khlood Beebo, Nahith Beebo, beebo kima, Sabiha Sadik, Alkas Shamoon, Basima polus, Edmon polus, Mary Patto, Polus Khamo, Samir Saree Farouk Salah Alseen Younis. Hanna Issa, Rose Selman. Special intentions shamoun & Layla, Rita & Bashar. Shamasha Basil Elia, Lydia Elia, The Mamou Family, Amira Faouna, Saad Yono, Salim & Tawitha Kirma, Nader Yako, Yousif Nader. Madleen.