March 24, 2024*  
Palm Sunday

Mass Intentions For The Occasions of 7th, 40th & Year
    •   (7th) Zarifa Zaya Youno Dalal 

    • Raed Aziz Alsanatee (40th) Ameera Abro (40th) Muhanad Bachuwa (40th) Bajara Gorial (40th)
    • Ghazala Sadiq Sleman (1yr) Michael Patto Kraim

 Occasion this Sunday

We pray for Sami & Lameea Herfy for their 47 years of marriage. 
We pray for Sami & Jannet Kakoz for their 47 years of marriage. 


This Palm Sunday Masses as follow:

– 8:30am English mass 

– 10am Arabic mass

– 11:45am English mass

– 1:15pm Chaldean mass

– 5pm (English- chaldean) mass

– 7pm English mass

  • Holy week schedule as follow:

– Wednesday, the 27 the PASSION PLAY in Arabic at 7pm. 

– Passover Thursday, the 28 there is no morning mass, Washing of the feet mass at 7pm

followed by Eucharist procession, and Passion Meditation in English from 10 to11 pm.

– Passion Friday, the 29 (Ramsha/ Vespers/ passion homilies & procession 5:30-8pm. 

The church will be open for visitation till midnight.

  • Easter Eve Masses as follow:

– 1 pm English – Chaldean mass

– 3 pm English mass

– 5 pm Chaldean mass

– 7 pm  Arabic mass

– 9 pm English mass

– 11 pm Chaldean Mass

  • Calling all parishioners to Join our Parish’s official Telegram Channel to stay connected. Our parish council members will be in the lobby after mass to help you get set up.

  • Would like to ask you please not to clap during masses.

  • We ask you to carpool and dress modestly to church.  

  • Sunday Collection baskets are available by all exit doors; you may also participate on our website at

  • Please keep the church clean at all times & we now ask you to silence your phone and let us prepare ourselves for the lord.

Weekly Masses

Jakleen & Simon, Essa Awsajee & wife Katrina. Philip Hermiz & Family. Taleb Adou, Jakleen & Simon,Najeeba Hermiz. Healing for Jessica Hanna.Yohanna & Nadwa yaldo. Batool yaldo, Batool Awsajee & Amira Kashat & Haseena & Kuthir Kashat. Issa & Katrina Awsajee. Special intentions. Samira, special intentions. Joseph & Fathila Danno.Ameera Faona, Saleem & Tawetha Karma. Mario Yousif, Sanna Dally, Brandon Kalabat, the Shaouni & the Mammou family.margarit hanna kajee and her kids. Gazala asso and gorial yatooma. Kavell kevin. Norriah YassoSabri hermiz & his wife, birbara behnam & their parents. Esho Tobia & shamme. Sulaiman & their parents. Special intentions.Prayers for healing surgery. Martin family, the Aboonah family. Patrus and Hania Kalasho, Hermiz and Latifa, Hana, Gourgia, Abeed, Kheria and Masoud Kalasho, Shamasha Shamaya and Warda Kalasho, Jerjis and Victoria Miskena, Elias and Vergeen Al-Bakal, Salem Hallak, Virgeen and her daughter Manal Kalasho, Nedal Kalabat- Skolachie. Naser jaao & Tereza Daniel & Hanna Polus.