Mass Readings
Isaiah  40:1-17   2 Corinthians  1:23-2:16    Matthew 20:1-16;22:14
  • Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

Fuad Maki Choka (7th),*Warena Yousif (7th),*Jamel Adem(7th),*Ramzia Kato Haseno(7th),* Jawdat Mudat Mukhtar (40th),Fuad Hermiz Razoki (40th),Emad Pulis Mansour (40th), Salim Elias Hanniash (40th), Katrina Polis Hermiz (40th), Alfred Maroogi Kirma(40th), Angelina Sheena(40th) .

  • Announcements

Registration for online Catechism at begins today and online class videos will be posted next Saturday October 30th from Grades 1-8th grade registration required. Everything is online and Catechism is free this year. Go to St. George’s website and click the Catechism tab to register.