7th  Sunday of Qayta  


  • Bahija Kattoush, Funeral Mass Monday 10 am at St. George Church.
  • Trevor Kyriakoza, Funeral Mass Monday 11:00 am at St. Fabian Church.

Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

  • Martin Atisha (7th), Shirin Benuaman (7th),Abed Elias Kia(7th),Tereza Jubraail Alsanati (7th/Germany), Tara Savaya (40th), Ilham Kashat(40th), Yaldo Mickho (40th/Australia), Khoshaba Mametha Markhay (40th), Mazin Azo Hindo (year),Hanna Abo Oraha Esho (year),Emad Polis Mansoor(year),


We pray for Jobrael Kocho and his wife Elham for their 37year’s marriage anniversary.


  • Join us this Wednesday for adoration and confessions at 6pm and English Mass at 7pm.
  • Catechism and 1st communion registrations are open now at stgeorgechaldean.com until September 4th and if you would like to volunteer you may sign up on our website as well.