7th Sunday of Epiphany

Mass Readings
Isaiah 42:5-9,14-17 1 Timothy 6:9 -21 Mathew 7:28-8:13

Mekhaeel Kakka, Funeral Mass tomorrow Monday at 12:00 noon at Mother of God Church.
Suham Jarjis Mansour(7th/ Australia), tazia will be at St. George Church in Shelby TWP 2:30-6:00 pm.
Mary Elia Michael (7th/ California), tazia will be at Holly Martyrs 2-7.
Sabah Jajjo Halabo (7th/ California), tazia will be at Farminghton Manor 2-6.
Shammamta Odesh Allos(7th/ Iraq), tazia will be at Bella 2-7.
Sara Isa Iskander (7th), tazia will be at Taza hall 2-7.
Subhe Oraha Hadad(7th), tazia will be at our Lady of Perpetual Help church on 2-22 from 4-7pm.

Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year
Farooq Sabu(40th),Mariam Jamma (year),Abed Alyas Ramou (year), Shala Mikhael Hami(year),Maryam Istefanos(year), Yazie Younan Koki(year),


-This coming Friday is the memorial of the Faithful Departed. Mass will be at 10:00am.
Francis will be celebrating a Mass for all the deceased faithful this Friday at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery at 12pm.

-We have a challenge for you for lent: Join us every Friday during lent for an English mass at 6:30am followed by adoration. We will also have more adoration times in our chapel during lent: Monday’s 7-11pm, Tuesday’s 9am-11pm, Wednesday’s 9am-11pm, Thursday’s 7-11pm. You can sign up for an hour of adoration in the lobby today.

-Lent begins on Monday, February 24th. On the Fridays of Lent, the schedule wil be as follows:

6:30am English Mass followed by Adoration,

10:15am Arabic Mass, 11am Arabic Stations,

5:15pm Chaldean Mass, 6pm Chaldean Stations,

7:30pm English Stations