• May 14 , 2023
    6th Sunday of Qyamta
    Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year
    • (7th )
    • (40th) Lamyaa Polath
    • (1 Year) Georgette Shina, (1 Year) Maryem Youhana,

    We pray for Talal & Maiada for their 40 years wedding anniversary.
    • This coming Thursday is the feast of the Ascension. English/Chaldean mass is at 7am, chaldean/arabic mass is at 10

    • Bishop Basil Yaldo will celebrate the 1pm Chaldean mass and he will also give a talk in Arabic on this Friday at 7pm

    • Please pray for our 300 kids who will receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist this coming Saturday. We also ask you to pray for their parents and all teachers who prepared them.

    • Bishop Francis Kallabat asked all parishes to collect money for catholic home missions if you would like to donate the baskets are by the exit doors.

    • Sunday Collection baskets are available by all exit doors, you may also participate in the Sunday collection electronically on our website at Stgeorgechaldean.com

    • Please keep the church clean at all times & we now ask you to silence your phone and let us prepare ourselves for the lord.

    Weekly Masses
    • Marco Yousif, Hanna Ishah, Georgette Shina, Elya Michael, Mothers day, Michael Elyas Saco, Rudy Nooh Jarbou, Nagham Jabouri, Akram Jabouri, Mosha, Khemu Shallal, Hayatt Tomina, Warda Kalasho, Hania Kalasho, Victoria Miskena, Virgina Kalasho, Manal Kalasho, Shamasha Essa Ilyas, Mariam Zaragga, Janan Kasil, Amira Brahim, Younan Yelda Odis, Jamila & Dawood Hanna, Hanan & Ghassan Kada, Fareed Kathawa, Hermiz Youhana, Kasha Khoshaba Youhana, Rafiqa Yaqo, Metti Yousif, Naseemo Shemoun, Amora Hanna, Shamee Sleman, Wareena Zora, Sabah Shamas, Sabri Was Shmami, Hana Naman and wife Jamila, Najat Michael and her brothers, Sabri Hermiz and wife Barbara, Isho Tobia and wife Shamme and all mothers. Salar Shushani. Sabriya Maykhana Nuhad Mansi for mothers day. Maria Assi Dawood Mothers Day. Evlyeen Elias Doha, her mother Regina Jaju, Hayat Fatooh.Esho Goro Divan Somo, Putros Polus, Slewa Byniameen. Abid Hermiz Kass Younan, Gazala Kass Younan, Jaju his wife and his son, Yousif Adam & His Wife Shmony, Nissan & His Wife Maria.