6th  Sunday  of Denha

Abed Alahad Elias Sinawe, Funeral prayer Monday 10 am at Mother of God Church.

Shmonie Sha’aya Shamoon, Funeral Prayer Monday 10am at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year
Abed Almaseh Sawa (7th/Canada),George Mati Baho Alshabie (7th), Isho Goriyal (40th),Philip Yousif Orow (40th/California), George Odesho (40th),Amera Kasha (40th),Faeza Butrus Shena (40th),Evlen Azez Ashaka(40th),Shafeeka Dikhie Yaldo(40th),Maryam Moshe Shaaya Basaka(40th), Evan Yokhana (year),Fibromia Hormiz(year), Isam Azez Namo Shamoka(year).

We pray for Sa’ad Isa and his wife Hanaa  for their 30 year’s marriage anniversary.

Youth Groups have started again for the year! DOC High School Youth Group meets every Tuesday at 6:45pm. COF Middle School Girls Group meets every Thursday at 7pm.

Calling all mothers to join our Yumutha Group this Wednesday for a special prayer and breakfast in the basement at 9:30am.

Bible Study with Fr. Kevin is this Wednesday at 8pm. Also every Wednesday we have adoration and confessions at 6pm and an English Mass at 7pm.

Saint George Social will be hosting 3 Sunday Night Socials after the 7:30pm Mass for those 18 and up. A great opportunity for young adults to gather at Church. Join us in the basement after the 7:30pm Mass on Sunday February 20, March 6, and March 20 for food, fellowship, games, and a showing of The Chosen.

Oakland University CASA will be hosting a fellowship with food after the 7:30pm Mass on Sunday Feberuary 27 in the Church basement. All college students are welcome to join us.

Please help us keep the Church clean at all times.

We ask you to silence your phones and let us prepare ourselves for the Lord.