April 28, 2024*  
5th Sunday of Easter


Mass Intentions For The Occasions of 7th, 40th & Year

    • Hermiz Odisho Hermiz (7th) (Australia) Yaqoo Goga Matty (7th) (Australia)
    • Sabah Ishak Khizmy (40th) Nafa Saleem Barash (40th) Hikmat Yousif Jeeka (40th)


All married couples join us for mass this Friday with Fr. Fawaz at 7 in the evening, mass will be in english.
    • Would like to ask you please not to clap during all masses. 
    • Sunday Collection baskets are available by all exit doors; you may also participate on our website at Stgeorgechaldean.com
    • Please keep the church clean at all times & we now ask you to silence your phone and let us prepare ourselves for the lord.

Weekly Masses

Stevin & Yousif. Jessica Hanna, John Rayes, Rosa & Shawkat Yousif,  Ameena & Issak Rayes, KIamal & Michael, Kameela & Hermiz & youel and all Rayes Family. Korkes & Matthew & Shakir Kesto, Magdoline and Oscar Brewart and William Brewart,William Jr. and Tony Brewart. Special intentions. Bashar Yousif and Duraid Yousif & Family. Estarab Yousif  & Family. Michael Yousif. Bebu Oraha Sabah Hermiz, Nawal Hermiz, Putris Georges Jarjees Meram, Tereza Khubeir, Sera Koja, Hermiz Odisho Hermiz.mike marogy & his family, T
Erry Dinno & family, Rana Majjho & family, Rany Ramiz Marogy & Nidhal Putrus, Sabir marogy, Marogy Mansour, Jameela Francis, Samira Marogy and Hanna Putrus.