5th  Sunday of Easter 5/2/2021


  • Ablahad (Steve) Bahoora, Funeral prayers Monday 11:00am at St.George Church.
  • Douglas Micheal Kassa, Funeral prayers Tuesday 10am at Mother of God Church.

Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

  • Andrawis Yousif Essa (7th/Canada), Hnnie Bihnam (7th),Fadi Saeb Kanno(7th/Canada), Ameen Yousif Zara(7th/Baghdad),KamalJiboHarbie(7th/Sweeden),George ZiaAsmar (7th),AnnKash (7th),Wadee Eshaya(7th),Amera Jubrail Jubree(7th/Baghdad),Shlemon Binyamen Esho(7th), Shmoni Estifan Younan (40th),Amjad Yakoob Zaitouna (year),Sabah yousif Kada Dally (year), Hormiz Pitty Abona(year).


  • We pray for Bahnam Jijika and his wife Warda for their 51 year’s marriage anniversary.

Announcements  Join us this Wednesday May 5 th  for adoration and confessions at 6pm, English Mass at 7pm, and our Soldiers of Christ Men’s Group gathering immediately after Mass.   The word of life brotherhood will return back again for a meeting once a month beginning on May 15 th  @ 6 pm in Arabic … please join us.   The  month of may is dedicated to Honor Mother Mary, we will have prayers of the Rosary and Al Sahrana and  Reflections by Fr. Fawaz in Arabic every Friday of the month.