5th Sunday  of Easter

Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

  • Macer Julia Mikha Daniyal (Iraq/7th), Shafeeq Shamo Bashie (7th), Mary Herfie Matie (40th),Salwan Salem Shammo Katola (40th ), Sarra Shaba Himdaya (40th),Latifa Japaya Yatooma (40th), Samer Atto (year), Marvin toma (year), Samie Shalal (year).


  • Daily Masses are at 10am, Monday in Arabic, the rest of the week in Chaldean and on Wednesday evening at 6pm for adoration and confessions and Mass in English at 7pm.
  • This coming Saturday 322 Children of our Parish will be receiving their first Holy communion please pray for them, their teachers and their families.
  • Due to communion Mass we will not have the 4pm Mass
  • Please help us keep the Church clean at all times.
  • We ask you to silence your phones and let us prepare ourselves for the Lord.