Mass Readings
Isaiah 9:8-21     2 Corinthians 10: 1-18    Mark 7:1-23
  • Ghazi Micho Shallal, funeral Mass Monday 10:00 am at St, George Church.
  • Jamila Samoona, funeral Mass Monday 11:00 am at Mother of God Church.
  • Basheer Naser Shuaina, funeral Mass Monday at 12 Oclock at St. Joseph in troy.
  • Hayat Chika Jajonie(7th),Janet Namou Shamasha(7th/SanDiego),Ghada Louise Kakhano(7th),Marwan Oda (7th/Toranto),Mari Kassab Haddad (7th),Mary Hormiz Abbo(7th), Mario Riyadh Dallo (40th),Mowafak Esu Bacakal (40th),Fiktoria Daood Semerjian (40th),Najat Yousif Issa (year), Tony Shamoon (year),Jinnan Rita Hajji(year),
  • We pray for Robert Murad  and his wife Joanna for their one year’s marriage anniversary.
-This coming Saturday is August 15 which we celebrate the Assumption of our lady. Weekend masses will celebrate the Feast Day. Saturday mass will be in Chaldean.
– Bp. Francis Kalabat announces the following appointments for this year and next year:                                                       
Effective August 15, 2020:                                                                                                                                                                              Fr. Wisam Matti will be assigned as associate pastor at St. Thomas parish in West Bloomfield, Michigan, as well as assisting in seminarian formation.
Effective next year, August 1, 2021:
Fr. Manuel Boji will enter retirement.
Fr. Bashar Sitto will be assigned as pastor of Holy Martyrs parish in Sterling Heights, Michigan.
Fr. Fadi Philip will be assigned as pastor of Sacred Heart parish in Warren, Michigan.
Fr. Sameem Balius will be assigned as pastor of St. Joseph parish in Troy, Michigan.
Fr. Rudy Zoma will be assigned as pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish in Warren, Michigan.