Mass Readings
4 th Sunday of Sliwa 7 th Sunday of Eliya 
 Isaiah  33:1-14    1 Corinthians  14:1-3,12,20-21,26,31-33 a   Matthew 18:1-18
  • Fouad Juka, Funeral prayers at St.George Church Monday at 11:00 am.
  • Fiktorea Tobia Rofa , Funeral Prayer Monday at Holy Martyrs at 10am.
  • Suad Sadiq Alosach in Alkosh-Iraq.


Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year
  • Salam Dicko and his son Ghazwan(7th), Madlin Zora (7th), Habiba Marogi Ibrahim(7th),Salima Elias Dymia (7th/Canada),Andera Toma Hana Sana(7th), Fadie Sliwa Jarbo (40th), Mazin Azo Hindo (40th),Kiryakos Razoki Pota(40th), Baraa Bachuori (year),Sami Yalda Bidaweed (year).
  • We pray for Izenhawer Rofaeel and his wife Madlin for their 45 year’s marriage anniversary.
  • Soldiers of Christ Mens Group will meet this Wednesday, October 21 st @ 8pm. Every Wednesday we also have confessions and adoration at 6pm and Enlgish Mass at 7pm.
  • This Saturday, October 24 th @ 6pm in our parking lot for a Trunk or Treat hosted by Yumutha. There will be a prize for best trunk and best custome. To decorate a trunk contact Masks and social distancing are required.