4th Sunday  of Sliwa 7th of Eliya


  • Mark Shaker Anderson, Funeral Mass Monday 10am at mothr of God church.
  • Khalid Najar, Funeral Mass Wednesday 10 am at St. George Church in Shelby TWP.
  • Nadera Mansour Gamora, died in Austaralia

Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

  • Nelson Brewart(7th), Hany Jamel Yaldo (7th/canada),Andrawis Odesho (7th/Austeralia), Margret Sarkis Yono(40th ), Amera Mamni Kallabat (40th ), Asaad Ibrahim Ghazala (40th ), Adil Tomas Essak(40th/Baghdad),Hanna Dickhow (40th ),   Suzan Gorial Sana (year), Sami Jarjees Nabo(year), Elias Mechaeel Sako(year), Samer Michaeel Shango(year),Jamel yousif Dinha (year),Vergine Yacoub Aboona (year/Canada), Essad Brahim Gazala (year),


  • We pray for Waad Al Shabie and his wife Nahida for their 25 year’s marriage anniversary.


  • This Wednesday, October 13 we begin our English Bible Study with Fr. Kevin @ 8pm inside the Church.
  • Join us every Wednesday for confessions and adoration at 6pm and English Mass at 7pm.
  • Men of God – our next mens group will meet on Wednesday October 20 after the 7pm Mass in the basement.
  • Yumutha Trunk or Treat is on Tuesday, October 26th @ 5pm please join us in the Church parking lot
  • We would like to ask you to keep the church clean at all times. Thank you