March 3, 2024*  
4th Sunday of Sawma Rabah

Mass Intentions For The Occasions of 7th, 40th & Year
      • This monday funeral mass for Victoria Shamoon Yaldoo at st george church at 10am mass.
      • (7th) David Santana (7th) Muhannad Bajoua (7th) batool Israel Awsajee 
      • (40th) Serra Hrrmiz. (40th) Adil Jubrael Alkazir (40th) Bashar Jamil Yaldo (40th) Batool Petros Yeldo (40th)
      • (1yr) Amira Jajjo Gatiq (1 yr) Adnad Saleem Safar (1 yr)


    • Every Friday during lent schedule, mass starts at 6:30 am in English followed by adoration from 7 to 10 am, then 10 am Chaldean mass followed by stations. And 5pm kids stations. 6:30 pm Arabic stations and 8pm English Stations. 
    • Some very important announcement from our parking lots Team:
     If the volunteers ask you to go around the church to park in the front please do not stop and ask why and don’t stop to ask them to move the cones even if you see the front parking empty. Please walk on the sidewalks and not between the parking lot because it causes backups and accidents.
    • Chaldean Catholic Charities of America are with us this Sunday. Please see the volunteers at the Church entrance after mass.

    • Chaldean Convention registration is open to get more information visit the website 

    • Calling all parishioners to Join our Parish’s official Telegram Channel to stay connected.

    • Sunday Collection baskets are available by all exit doors; you may also participate on our website at

    • Please keep the church clean at all times & we now ask you to silence your phone and let us prepare ourselves for the lord.

Weekly Masses

Samira Askar, Nawal Salem Ilyas, Families sick in hospital, Speed recovery, medical results, special intentions. Souad & Frank Pota. Najma Pota, Marqaret. Fatouhy and special intentions. Kamal & Kamila & habeeb  Rayes. Emmanuel Rayes. Mansour & Mike Rayes. Fairouz & Salam daniel. Estephan & son in law Naim Hanna. Batoul Israel Awsajee. Special intention for joseph. Esho Goro Hadad. Nano goro Hadad. Youhana Yldo. Slew goro Hadad. Izek & Ameena & Michael. Special intentions for healing Sabria Safoo.  Essa Awsajee & wife Katrina. Philip Hermiz & family (march). Amira Zeki Shamoon, Israel himendi, dawood youry, sabah metti(2wk). Joza & her husband, Mari & husband, Nadia Kassab special intentions. Lulus hubba & wife, katrina & husband, Fahuma & family.