March 12, 2023
4th  Sunday of  Sawma
Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year
  • (7th) Joe Zia Kilano .Ghanima Shena,Jeo Zia Kilano.

  • (40th) Sabah Salim Zebarie, Zuher Salim Najar, Nabila Andrawis,

  • (1 Year) Jamila Shonia Joja, Masood Asso Huba, Jobrael Elias Albanna and his wife Jamila Putrus Hanna, Alixandra Odesh

  • Our men’s group will be meeting this Wednesday at 7:30 for men 18 and up.

  • There will be no DOC this Tuesday

  • Sunday Collection baskets are available by all exit doors, you may also participate in the Sunday collection electronically on our website at

  • Please keep the church clean at all times & we now ask you to silence your phone and let us prepare ourselves for the lord.