• Hameed Sleman Beto, Funeral prayers Monday 10 am at St. George Church.
  • Wadee Odesh Meram, Funeral prayers Monday 10 am at Mother of God Church.
  • Dorra Hurmiz Zora, Funrtal prayers Monday 12Pm at Mar Addai.
  • Valerie Mary Abbo, Funeral prayers Monday 10 am at St.Thomas Church.
  • Youhana Khoshaba, Funeral Prayer Tuesday morning in Canada.

Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

  • Kiryaqos Hanna Putrus(7th), Shawkat Istefo Shaballa (7th), Sophia Yousif (7th), Masood Kas Hanna (7th/California),Terees Houhanna Babeco(7th/California),Matthew Robert Yasso (40th), Najat Khammie Nafso (40th/ California), Khayria Yaldo (40th), Marina Abu-Joudeh(40th),Waseem Shakore Kisto (40th),yalda Shamoon Koso(40/Batnaya),Kamil Marogie Yaldo(40th), Shammamta Sokana Hiseno (year), Marvin Dabish (year),


  • Our youth groups have started meeting again for the year! DOC high school youth group will meet on Tuesdays @ 6:45pm. COF Middle School girls group will meet on Thursdays @ 7pm.
  • Our English Bible Study will begin meeting this Wednesday, February 2nd in the Church after the 7pm Mass.
  • This Friday is the First Friday of the Month. Please join us for 7am Mass in English, Adoration in the Church from 8-10am, and Chaldean Mass at 10am.
  • Ba’utha, our 3 days of prayer and fasting will be February 7th, 8th, and 9th. Our Ba’utha schedule for the 3 days is as follows: 10am Arabic Prayers followed by 11am Arabic Mass, 5pm Chaldean Prayers followed by 6pm Chaldean Mass, 8pm English Prayers followed by 8:30pm English Mass.
  • Please help us keep the Church clean at all times.
  • We ask you to silence your phones and let us prepare ourselves for the Lord.