March 5, 2023
3rd Sunday of  Sawma
Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year
  • (7th) Khalood Akram Nassory (Australia)
  • (40th)
  • (1 Year) Fahi Abro (1 year), Nazer Saeed, (1 year), Ahlam Farance Dickow, (1 year), Locia younan Alkas younan  (1 year),,Mariam Zaraga,
  • This Wednesday we will have our Scripture social Bible study for Ages 18& up after our 7pm English Mass.

  • Chaldean Catholic Charities of America are with us today. Please see the volunteers at the Church entrance after mass if you feel the calling to contribute to this great humanitarian effort.

  • Sunday Collection baskets are available by all exit doors, you may also participate in the Sunday collection electronically on our website at
  • Please keep the church clean at all times & we now ask you to silence your phone and let us prepare ourselves for the lord.