3 rd  Sunday of Qodasha
Mass Readings
Isaiah  54:1-15    Hebrews 9: 5b-15    John 2:12-22
  • Jamil Agobi Salmo, Funeral prayers tomorrow Monday 10 am at Mother of God Church.
Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year
  • Jameel Yousif Dinha(7th),Joleet Jameel Tela (7th/Holand),Basse Shabala (7th),Amera Putros Zeto (7th), Odesh Shlemon Zolo(40th)Salam Faransy Dicko and his son Gazwan (40th),),  Christian Hermez (40th), Khilood Bahri (40th),Nadeem yousif (40th),Barbara Zora Mansour (40th),Eman Daloo Kinaya (year), Wadea Koja(year).
  • We pray for Haytham Israil and his wife Vivian for their 25 year’s marriage anniversary.
  • Soldiers of Christ Men’s Group will meet this Wednesday @ 8pm in the Church. All are welcome to join us on Wednesday for confessions and adoration at 6pm and Mass at 7pm
  • We will have two Masses on Thanksgiving Day. Join us with your families to give thanks to God at 8am for Mass in English and 10am for Mass in Chaldean and Arabic.


  • 2021 Communion registrations have begun. You can find all the info to register on our Church’s website stgeorgechaldean.com or on our App.