Mass Readings
3rd Sunday of Elia
Isaiah  32:1-33:6     Philippians 1:12-25    Matthew 13: 24-43
Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year
  • Imad Polis Mansour (7th/Iraq), Alfred Marogi Kirma(7th), Jaudat Yousif Mikhtar(7th),yousif HannaYaldo(7th/Iraq),Jamila Yousif(7th/Iraq), Saleem Elias Hanesh (7th/California),Warena Esho Bedaweed (40th),George Isa Oghana (40th),Kareem Zaia Yatooma (40th),Ahlam Jameel Bawa and her brother Laith (40th/Telkepe), Azeza Shaballa Zetouna (year), Basim Mansour Habib(year),Naji Kaji(year),
  • We pray for Sabri Isho and his wife Linda for their 30 year’s marriage anniversary.
  • We pray for Nick Gappy and his wife Lisa for their 25 year’s marriage anniversary.
  • We pray for Jason Abro and his wife Dahlia for their 15 year’s marriage anniversary.
  • We are happy to announce we have a new Mens Group called Soldiers of Christ! Our first meeting will be on Wednesday October 7th at 8pm and continue every other Wednesday. The group is open to all men 18 and up and will meet in the Church. Also a reminder that every Wednesday we have confessions and adoration at 6pm and an English Mass at 7pm.


  • 2021 Communion registrations have begun. You can find all the info to register on our Church’s website or on our App.


  • This Thursday is the Feast Day of St. Therese and we have 2 great events: First for Wayne State Students join Fr. Perrin at the Newman Center (7th Floor of the Student Center) for Mass at 12:15pm and lunch will be provided after. Also join our Chaldean priests in the evening this Thursday for a special Mass for St. Therese at 8pm at Shrine of the Little Flower Basillica on 12 Mile and Woodward.
  • If you would like to donate to Lebanon you can donate through our church parish council office or through the Diocese website