3 rd Sunday of Denha
Isaiah 45:18-46:4 Hebrews 3:14 -4:10 John 1:29-42

Belkis Shamami Katu (7th/Iraq), tazia will be at Holly Martyrs Church 2-7 .
Najiba Jirges Kirma (7th/Turky), tazia will be at St. Joseph 3-7.
Yousif Hanna Derabony (7th/Iraq), tazia will be at St. Joseph 3-6.

Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year
Deacon Elisha Shamoon Rayes (40th/Australia), Deacon Jamel Najar (year), Rejo Hermiz Helane (year), Jennifer Hermiz (year).Najia Andrawes Dawood and Faiza Gorgies Khoshaba (year).Warkah Yono (year).

Our youth groups have started again. DOC for high schoolers is every Tuesday beginning at 6:45pm and Circle of Friends for middle school girls is every Thursday at 6:30pm.

This Friday we will have Mass at 7pm to celebrate the feast of St. Stephen and all of our Shamasheh and servers,we will not have Mass in the morning .

Yummutha will be meeting at 8:00pm on Wednesday, January 29th in the basement. All mothers are welcome to join for an evening of fellowship, prayer, and a dialogue on mental health awareness.

St George Social Committee will be hosting the 2nd annual White Winter Gala Fundraiser on Friday January 31 at 8pm at the Lafayette Grande, For tickets contact the social committee in the lobby.