• July 23, 2023 * 2nd Sunday of Summer


       Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

      •  Nasur Deddeh (7th) Sharkia Samouna Orow (7th) Bernadette Matti Dawood Tomina (Australia) (7th) Aziza Faraj Pati (7th) Najeeba Roofa Lucia (7th)Raheem Gulla (Georgia)
      • Sharif Shango (40th) Amira Hermiz Shabilla (40) Senaa Dallo (40) Shamasha Faruk Dawood Samona (40th)
      • Bianca Kashat (1 Yr) Maurice Yaldo Paulis (1 Yr) Manoel Attisha (1 Yr) Adil Jameel Tella (1yr) Anthony Orow (1yr)Mary Abbo



      • Join us August 9 at 7pm in the church for a meeting to help parents navigate through many of the issues in today’s society. This new mission, Families in Harmony, will help parents focus on Christ as the center of  each family. This meeting is for parents only. Hope to see you there.

      • This Wednesday is  St . Joachim & Anne, parents of the blessed virgin Mary feast, Chaldean mass at 10am & English mass at 7:30pm. 

      •  Catechism registrations are online only through the church’s website www.stgeorgechaldean.com for grades 1st-8th spots are limited.

      • Sunday Collection baskets are available by all exit doors; you may also participate in the Sunday collection electronically on our website at Stgeorgechaldean.com

      • Please keep the church clean at all times & we now ask you to silence your phone and let us prepare ourselves for the lord.


      Weekly Masses

      Gorjia Barbar. Zuhair Shio. Habib Barbar. For family. Special intentions. Oda yousif jura. Faika mona. Nasir mona. Nahida Akrawee. Gorgis Kasto & Mathew Kasto,Steve, Anita and Kasha. Flora Allos & her parents. Special intentions for Tony, Aj.special intentions, Fathalla Momar Bashi, Jameel Tella, Katrina Tella, Majid Dado, Naeema Bodi, Francis Bodi, Muhannad Juzaf, Manual Abbo, Waad Abbo, Special Intention, Petros Habba & his wife