October 24, 2021
2nd   Sunday  of Moshe
Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year
Akram Jajo Alsanatie(7th/California),Christ Khidher Savaya(7th), Jameel Dawood Fareda (7th),Jameel polath(7th),Hamya Ore(7th/Iraq), Michaeel Elias Issak (7th/Austaralia), Amanoeel Yokhanna Sana (7th/Canada),Sameear Shaba Namrood Shamasha (7th/Austaralia), Samie Bashe(40th), Hasena Garmo yaldo (40th),Sabah Manouel Shamoon (40th),       

We pray for Nozad Hanna and his wife Nidhal for their 40 year’s marriage anniversary.
We pray for Aiyad Abrahim and his wife Ikhlas for their 25  year’s marriage anniversary.
At the doors of the Church you will find baskets, with a sign above them, for the Peter’s Pence Collection which is a significant way to support the universal Church. It will be contributing to the charitable work to those who are most in need around the world.

Every Wednesday we have confessions and adoration at 6pm and English Mass at 7pm

This Wednesday we continue our Bible Study in English after the 7pm Mass. Please join Fr. Kevin as we dive deeper into the Book of Exodus.

Bible Study in Arabic will begin every Friday at 7pm starting Friday, November 5th

Yumutha Trunk or Treat is this Tuesday, October 26th @ 5pm please join us in the Church parking lot

We would like to ask you to keep the church clean at all times, Thank You.