2nd  Sunday of Elia
Mass Readings
Isaiah  30:15-26     2 Thessalonians 2:15-3:18    Matthew13:1-23
Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year
  • Najat Sito (7th), Esmar Rehan Gorgis Bijwy(7th/Australia), Mansour Shamoon Rais (40th),Salim Sivany Atisha (40th),Nargez Sello(40th).
  • We pray for Decon Ramzi Kato and his wife Janan for their 46 year’s marriage anniversary.
  • We pray for Shaker Hermiz and his wife Evlyn for their 44 year’s marriage anniversary.
  • The Feast of the Cross is this Monday, September 14. We will have one Mass in the morning at 11am in Chaldean and English.
  • Join us every Wednesday for adoration and confessions at 6pm and English Mass at 7pm.

We are happy to announce that Fr. Fawaz and Fr. Perrin have both received new ministries in addition to their assignments here at St. George:

  • Fr. Fawaz has been assigned as the Vicar General of the Diocese. He will now be working closely with the Bishop aiding him with tasks for the Diocese.
  • Fr. Perrin has been assigned as a Chaldean Priest at Wayne State University. He will be at Wayne State every Thursday. Join him at the Newman Center every week located on the 7 th floor of the Student Center. Every Thursday Fr. Perrin will be offering confessions and adoration at 11:30am and Mass at 12:15pm. Stay tuned for more events and programs at Wayne State.
  • 2020 Communion Pictures are ready for pick up in our church office Tuesday –Saturday 9-4
  • 2021 Communion registrations have begun, You can find all the info to register on our Church’s web site or on our App
  • If you would like to donate to Lebanon you can donate through our church parish council office or through the Diocese website.