Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

  • Joseph Yakoob Mansour (7th/Germany), Andrawis Esho Polois (7th),Habib Shabo Sada (7th),Najah Asmar(7th/California),Mariam Moshe Sha’aya Basaka (7th), Zareefa Gorges (7th/Feshkhabor),Fadi Sharak(7th), Zuhair Yalda Dallo(7th/Oregan), Janet Rahem Kas Younan (40th),Fareed Basheri (40th),Hayat Kas Younan (40th), Mohsen Nasrat Shamoon(40th), Badria Binyamen Toma(40th), Moadel Putrus Mary year), Wilson Aziz Yousif Seba year),Abed jarjes Abona year),Maseer Anaheed Abona year),


  • We pray for Majid Najar and his wife Helen for their 32 year’s marriage anniversary.


  • Our youth groups will return at the end of this month. DOC high school youth group will meet on Tuesday, January 25 @ 6:45pm. COF Middle School girls group will meet on Thursday, January 27th @ 7pm.
  • Soldiers of Christ Men’s Group will begin meeting on Wednesday, January 26th in the basement after the 7pm Mass.
  • English Bible Study will begin meeting on Wednesday, February 2nd in the Church after the 7pm Mass.
  • Raffle tickets for the bishops dinner will be sold in the Lobby, you may buy the tickets.
  • Please help us keep the Church clean at all times.
  • Now we ask you to silence your phones and let us prepare ourselves for the Lord.