February 11, 2024*  
1st Sunday of Sawma Rabah

Mass Intentions For The Occasions of 7th, 40th & Year

  • (7th) Steven Sabri Shamoon (7th)Serah Hermiz Putrus. (7th) Samira Shamoon Al Salman 

  • (40th) Shamoon Bidawid (40th) Fikrat Jameel Romaya

  • (1yr) Nabeel Samona 

Occasions For This Sunday

  • We pray for Mike & Ban Karjo for their 30th Wedding Anniversary.

  • We pray for Latif & Thaera Kerana for their 47 years anniversary. 

  • We pray for Hermiz & Dina Salim for their 25th anniversary. 


  • This Monday February 12 is the first day of Lent. Mass will be at 10am followed by a lecture about Lent by Fr. Fawaz Kako.

  • This Friday and every Friday during lent mass starts at 6:30 am in English followed by adoration from 7 to 10 am then 10 am chaldean mass followed by stations. And 5pm kids stations. 6:30 pm Arabic stations and 8pm English Stations. 

  • Families in harmony will be this Tuesday at 6:30 Bishop Francis & Sue Kattuula will be giving a talk.

  • Join sister Faustina this Friday for our sacred heart Sodality, the talk will be in english at 7pm.

  • Faith of our fathers will be held on March 10 at Shelby Garden, for Tickets please visit the church website. This event is for father-like figures & their children to celebrate their faith.

  • Chaldean Convention registration is open to get more information visit the website Chaldeanconvention.com 

  • Calling all parishioners to Join our Parish’s official Telegram Channel to stay connected.

  • Sunday Collection baskets are available by all exit doors; you may also participate on our website at Stgeorgechaldean.com

  • Please keep the church clean at all times & we now ask you to silence your phone and let us prepare ourselves for the lord.

Weekly Masses

Salim & Badria Kathawa. Rosa Oraha ( All Feb). Petro & Najiba Habba & Habba Family. Anwar Sisters & Grandkids. Kamal aqrawie, kleilah aqrawi, nahada aqrawi, thaika mona, waser mona, anton yaldo (month).Suad Stephan, Fenag Shammon, Mazen Hamid, nazhat yousif, latif oushashy. Sami, Eshaya , Roz, Maureen, and Justina Gabriel. Adil Shamon,  Hameed Matti Hedo, Wadi Patti Kas-Younan, Special Intention. Salim Dadoo & family. Hana Hwaser. Mirna ayat (work). Dollar yousif. Dowd daniel. Anisa youab. Khoshaba dowed. Seman hawie. Lazar shammon & wife. Shabii adnan & wife lyla. Habib lazan. Abid kaleshi & kaleshi family. Marquee hanna Abro & wife mariam & kids brnan abd ahad & khaireag & evelyn. Special intentions petro jajo & wife mariam & kids, George, salam jajo. Issahk kaddi & salema Dallo.