May 19, 2024*  
First Sunday of Apostles 


Mass Intentions For The Occasions of 7th, 40th & Year

  • Babbi Jebrayel Kaka (7th)

  • Raheel Shamoon Gileanna (Australia) Sana Disha (40th) Badie Shaouni  (40) Ghassan Kaakala (40th)

  • Issam Ghanim Pattah (1 yr) Touma Korail (1 yr) Shamasha Faruk Dawood Samona (1 yr) Mukhlis Altawil (1 yr) Jelbart Dado (1 yr)

Occasions this Sunday: 


  • All mothers Join Sister Bernadette & Sister Immaculata on Monday May 20 (tomorrow) at 7pm in the church basement, there will be a special talk & Prayer

  • This Wednesday is the Feast of St. Rita, Mass at 10 am in Arabic & Chaldean also mass at 7pm in Chaldean & English

  • Would like to ask you please not to clap during all masses

  • Sunday Collection baskets are available by all exit doors; you may also participate on our website at

  • Please keep the church clean at all times & we now ask you to silence your phone and let us prepare ourselves for the lord.

Weekly Masses

Rosa Oraha Jirjees. Josephine Kookton & Family, Mari Kookton, Nadia Kassab, Anwar Haba & Family, All sisters, Grandchildren, Anwar’s mother & Father, Akram Patros Shaouni & Parents, Amira Mamou, Sabah Halabo, Salim & Tawitha Kirma, The Sheena Family, Jessica Hanna, Sanaa Dallo, The MAmou family, Special Intention. Alina Ayar. Hermiz Daniel Zora. Sabah kama (surgery). poor souls of portugury. Hania & Francis Kama, Naima & Asofie Mansour. Kamil Kamchi, Jonathan Mscabo, Jirjis & majid batti, ban sesi farida, pamela citan, lauri shaoony, Alysia Baydoon, Hani Gorges, Amira, Amira, Eswed, saad hermiz, milad & nawras.