1 st Sunday of Denha
Isaiah 44:21-45:4 2Timothy 3:1-15 Luke 4: 14-30

Shammamta Zia Hindo Mezi, funeral Mass tomorrow 10 am at St. George Church in Shelby TWP.
Farooq Sabo, funeral Mass tomorrow 10 am at Holly Martyrs Church.
Natiq Kareem Salmo(7th/California), tazia will be at Sahara on 16 mile 3-8.

Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year
Wadia Shallal Koja (40th), Mumir Hanna Yousif Rayes (40th),Andyrous Kamliel Danial (40th),Fuad Elia Kako (year),MadlinYousif gago (year),Al Shamas Sleman Toma Sleman (year), Louis Farancis Yousif (year),Farid Yousif Haba (year),

We pray for Jamel Mansuor and his wife Sua’ad for their 65 year’s marriage anniversary.
We pray for Majid Najar and his wife Helen for their 30 year’s marriage anniversary.

Please be advised that it was brought to our Parish and the Diocese attention that St. Jude Iraq Organization wrongfully had been using the address and phone number of St. George Chaldean Church in their receipts and mailing them out to contributors. St. George is NOT getting money on behalf of St. Jude and St. George does not hold an office or is connected in any way to St. Jude. Actions have immidiatlty been taken to correct this matter.

Tomorrow Monday is the feast of Sultana Mahdokht. We will have mass at 10:am with venerating of her picture.

St. George will be hosting their 2nd annual White Winter Gala Fundraiser on Friday January 31 at 8pm at the Lafayette Grande, For tickets contact the social committee in the lobby