Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

  • Salahiti Addo Nissan(7th/Germany), Saeed Alsabagh(7th/Australia), Ikhlas Saeed Banna(7th),  Salah Sliwa (7th), Faris Toma Binyamen Akraya(7th/Iraq),Esam Aziz Namou Shamoka(7th),  Nayil Rayes(40th) Shmony Yakob Hanna (40th/Belgium),Sadiq Barno(40th),Aabed Jirjees Abona (40th), Masood Jerjes Hana Fomia (year),Georgia Meze(year),Rewad Basim Booka  (year),Waddie Yaldo Kakos (year),Naeem Azo(year),Elias Patrus Samona(year),Yaqo Oraha Qijir (year),


  • We pray for Carl Barash and his wife Janan for their 39 year’s marriage anniversary.


  • Our priests will be on retreat this week therefore the Church will be closed from Monday-Wednesday. Please pray for our clergy. 
  • Join us this Wednesday evening for Confessions and Adoration at 6pm, English Mass at 7pm, and Bible Study with Fr. Kevin at 8pm.
  • This coming Friday is the Feast Day of St. Joseph join us for 6:30am Mass in English followed by Eucharistic Adoration from 7-8am; 10:15am Arabic Mass followed by Stations of the Cross in Chaldean/Arabic at 11am; 5:15pm Chaldean Mass followed by Stations of the Cross in Chaldean/Arabic at 6pm; 7:30pm English Stations of the Cross followed by a reflection given by one of our priests.