5th  Sunday  of Shlehee


Hikmat Shakir Faransi Jarbou funeral prayers Monday 10am at Mother of God Church .

Tomas Gorges Yousif, funeral prayers Monday 12 pm at Perpetual Help Church.

Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

  • Basim Patrus Rayes (7th/Alkosh), Evlen Gorgis Gulla (7th/Iraq),Taweetha Kalla Fareeda (7th)*Frank Salim Elia(7th),Nazhat Dallo(7th/Arbeel), )* Sabah Hanna(40th), Shafeeka Goriyal (40th), Edward Polis(40th),Raed Isho(40th),Wardia Sadiq Sleman Sallome)40th* (Zaya Adel Shaya(year),Nazih Azez Sede (year),Fahima Shabo (year).


  • We pray for Nibras Hanna and his wife Rita for their 21 year’s marriage anniversary.


  • Join us this Wednesday for confessions and adoration at 6pm and English Mass at 7pm.
  • If you want to sign up for altar service. Ages allowed are 12, 13, and 14 year old. We will be having a training session this coming Saturday June 26 at 7pm in the Church.
  • You can register your child for First Holy Communion by visiting stgeorgechaldean.com or on our mobile app.
  • This year 1st communion pictures are ready for pick in the church office.