• Samer Edo Kada,Funeral prayers will be Monday 10am at Mother of God Church .

Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

  • Siya yako kaka(7th/California), Samera Kamal Abo Shakra(7th/Iraq), Jamel Nesan (7th/Newzwland(,Widad Gorges Dado,(Iraq/7th),Mahmood Shuker Kattola (7th/California), Nozad Patrus Alhadad (7th/karkook), Mary Habbi Hubba (40th), Yonis Salomi (40th), Mariam hormiz Jallo (40th), Shokria Rahem Daman(40th), ,Abed almaseeh Balyoos (40th),Macer Anaheed Abona (40th),Warda Haskiel Gulla (40th),Decon Mowaffaq Bahri (year), Basriya Kirma Abed (year), Bahjat yalda Pola (year/California),),Faez Saeed Abed (year/London),Najat Michel(year), Amanoeel Hormiz Gorgees(year),George Assofee Kakoos (year),Yousif Esho (year),


  • Men of God – join us this Wednesday for our Soldiers of Christ Men’s Group at 8pm. All are welcome to join us this Wednesday for confessions and adoration at 6pm and Mass at 7pm.
  • This Wednesday is the middle of Lent we have two Masses one at 10:00 in Chaldean and Arabic and at English.
  • Join us every Friday during Lent for 6:30am Mass in English followed by Eucharistic Adoration from 7-8am; 10:15am Arabic Mass followed by Stations of the Cross in Chaldean/Arabic at 11am; 5:15pm Chaldean Mass followed by Stations of the Cross in Chaldean/Arabic at 6pm; 7:30pm English Stations of the Cross followed by a reflection given by one of our priests.
  • We encourage you to go to confession this Lent! Our confession schedule is Wednesdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 3pm. You can also call the office to schedule a confession appointment with one of our priests.