Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

  • Adib Dickow Dally(7th), Hermiz Youhana(7th), Hayat Shadda Hammo(7th), Tomas Yousif Dinha(7th), Wadie Stefan Sabal(7th/Sweeden), Nameer Hormiz Toma (7th/Iraq), Younan Goro Hadad(7th/London), Esam Aziz Shamoka (40th), Mary Kirma (year),Salema Esa Poliza(year)*Suad Shamoon (year).                                                                                                                        


We would like to remind you that we have two awesome youth groups here at St. George. High Schoolers please join us every Tuesday in the Church for DOC at 7pm and Middle School Girls please join us every Thursday in the basement for COF at 7pm.

This Wednesday we will have adoration and confessions at 6pm, English Mass at 7pm, and Soldiers of Christ Men’s Group at 8pm. If you are looking for more opportunities for confession we also have confessions on Saturday’s at 3pm and you can always call the office or visit us during office hours for a confession with one of our priests.

If you are in college and are preparing for final exams please join Fr. Perrin this Thursday here at St. George for adoration and confessions at 11am and Enlgish Mass at 12pm. We encourage all students to join us to ask for God’s help and his peace during this time of study!

Join us in offering thanks and praise to God this Friday, April 23rd for the Feast of St. George, the feast day of our beloved Church. We will have two masses on that day @ 5:30pm in Arabic celebrated by Abouna Fawaz and 7:30pm in Chaldean and English celebrated by Bishop Francis Kalabat.