2nd   Sunday  of ShleheMay 30, 2021

Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

  • Sabah Hanna(7th), Ramzi Alesha Danial(7th), Dinkha Gabriel Dinkha (7th), Gorgia Hanna Abona (7th/Australia), Kawkab yousif Zora(7th/Iraq), Adeba habib Alfishkhabouri (7th), Maseer Mary Evet (40th), wado Ishaya Ishak (40th), Samera Misho Kachocha (40th), Fadi Kanno (40th), Rose Gillozie (year), Katrina Tallo Isho (year), Katrina Shabo(year), Justin Kiryakoza (year),


  • We pray for Basheer Kathawa and his wife Nasreen for their 50 year’s marriage anniversary.


  • Tomorrow is the last day of month of Mary the queen of univers Mass is at 10am.
  • Please note that we will not have evening mass this Wednsday
  • This coming Saturday we will not have Mass at 4 pm we are celebrating the first Holly Communion all day. Please pray for our 1st communion kids and their families.