2nd Sunday  of Qyamta


  • Thomas Yousif Denha ,prayers will be Monday 10 am at Holy Martyrs Church.

Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

  • Shmony Younan(7th),Nabil Shamani(7th),Amera Jadak Kashat (7th),Hassina OrahaToma Golla(7th), Nashwan Azar (40th), Jalal Saffar(year), Najeda Abed Alahad(year), Patrus Toma Gulla (year), Hanna Mosa gina(year), Najeeb beba(year),Juri Aziz Kattola (year),lateef Yousif Zory (year), Taweetha Kallabat (year).


  • We pray for Jamal Sabagh and his wife Salwa for their 50 year’s marriage anniversary.


We would like all High Schoolers to join us this Tuesday at DOC at 7pm in the Church. Fr. Simon Esshaki from San Diego, California will be leading our night. 

This Wednesday confessions and adoration begin at 6pm, English Mass at 7pm, and Bible Study with Fr. Kevin at 8pm. 

April 23 is the feast of St. George and our parish. We will have two masses on that day @5:30 in Arabic celebrated by Abouna Fawaz and 7:30 in Chaldean and English celebrated by Bishop Francis Kalabat