2nd   Sunday  of Qayta

Mass intentions for the occasions of 7th, 40th & year

  • Gorgia Yeldo Kisto(7th),Samera Sawa Dado(7th), Shmooni Yousif Odesh (7th),Taweetha kalla Fareda (40th),Nazar Jaadan (40th), Evlen Jerjed Gulla (40th), Layth and Ahlam bawa(year), Mary gorges Dawood (year).


  • Calling all men to join us this Wednesday for a Men’s BBQ after our 7pm Wednesday Mass. We also have confessions and adoration on Wednesday at 6pm.
  • This coming Friday 23/ of July at 10am we are celebrating the Feast of St. Charbel. The priests will anoint with holy oil after the mass.
  • We are in need of volunteers specially for catechism and 1st If you feel ike volunteering please register at stgeorgechaldean.com
  • (Announce only after the 7:30pm Mass): After Mass tonight join us in the backyard of the Church for free ice cream, basketball, volleyball, and fellowship.
  • Join us Tuesday August 17th For a night of prayers for Mother Mary, a movie, Refreshments, Food & much more hosted by Yumutha group, to register call the Church office  Tuesday to Saturday 9-4. 
  • Empower is back, St. George will be hosting a high school girls overnight retreat at our church be sure to sign up for a fruitful retreat with lots of fellowship, Jesus and fun.